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    小学英语作文-Be a helpful child

    小学英语作文:Be a helpful child

    I am a helpful girl. I like to help others.

    At school, I help my classmates. Sometimes I help them to sweep the floor. Sometimes I help them to dust their schoolbag. Sometimes when someone has a stomachache, I take him or her to see the doctor.

    At home, I often help my parents. Sometimes I help my mum to clean the floor or dust the furniture. Sometimes I help her to feed the fish or water the plants. I like helping my mother! And I can help my father, too. My father is very busy. I always help him to make a cup of tea. Sometimes I go to the shops and buy food and drinks for him. He is very happy! And sometimes he comes back home late at night. He feels tired. At this time, I can make some food for him.

    My teachers and parents think I am a helpful child. What do you think? Do you like me?

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